and Consolidations

The subdivision of land is where one property is divided into two or more portions. Landowners often consider this option to generate additional capital from selling off these new portions, or building additional houses on each new portion and selling these at a profit.

Subdivision of land is regulated by a multitude of laws, regulations, and by-laws. Many legal aspects need to be taken into consideration such as restrictive title deed conditions, the zoning of the land, and densification policies that may apply in the area.

Before deciding to subdivide your property or not, consult Planning Space to advise you on the feasibility of subdivision and to assist you through the process of obtaining the necessary approvals from the local council and/or other organs of state.

Consolidation is the opposite of subdivision. This is where two or more adjoining land parcels, owned by the same individual or entity, are merged or joined together as one land unit.

Planning Space can assist you with the initial application to the local authority to subdivide or consolidate land. This is followed by the survey and preparation of Surveyor General diagrams of the properties by a professional land surveyor and the registration of the surveyed properties in the Deed Office by a conveyancing attorney.

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